Board of Water Supply

Serving almost one million customers on Oahu, the Board of Water Supply provides a safe and dependable water supply, while striving to protect the quality and sustainability of our precious water resources.

When RevaComm started working with BWS, we were presented with a challenge: The Board of Water Supply was exploring new ways to raise public awareness about efficient water use while building a sense of stewardship for Oahu’s water. They felt that a new website could be the driving force for these new initiatives.

The new Board of Water Supply website is much more than a place to raise awareness. It’s a contemporary, easy-to-use site that allows customers to be in touch with BWS 24/7, whether to sign up for service, view water conservation ideas, read a report, or to simply pay their bill online. The site also leverages a twitter feed and community events section on the homepage. This allows BWS to disseminate information to the community quickly and easily.

The approach to the design of the website was unique for RevaComm. We discovered that the site was to be almost entirely user-centric. BWS seeks to make things better for the people of Oahu while being good stewards of the land, so our goal wasn’t as simple as increasing sales or placing large product photos on the homepage. The goal was clarity. Clarity of navigation, clarity of communication, clarity of information.

The Board of Water Supply understands the importance of being able to find relevant information fast. With the clean and intuitive feel of the new BWS website, users can now feel good about being able to find relevant information about Oahu’s water supply when they need it.

Ka Wai Ola - Water for Life!

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